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Our Approach

Although most of our clients are based in Shetland, we do have clients as far afield as London, Bristol and Cheltenham. Our clients are a mix of individuals, sole traders, limited companies, and charities. The one thing that all of our clients have in common is that we try to maintain the personal touch by taking the time to get to know our clients and what they actually need.

We like to think that we have some things in our approach which set us apart from other accountants:

We are local

We are happy to take on clients from anywhere in the UK, provided their location doesn’t hinder us from providing a good service, but essentially, we are a local firm, with roots in the local community, and knowledge of the local business world.

Practical business experience

Our background is originally in working in business, and we have a wide variety of experience with different industries and businesses of different sizes.

This means that we are able to provide practical advice for the “real world” of small business.

Fixed fee

One of the things that stops accountants building up good relationships with their clients is a constant worry over fees.

Either clients hesitate to ask for advice or support because they worry that each phone call will cost them money or they worry that their accountant sees them just as a source of income when they get another unexpected bill.

Wherever possible we will agree a fixed fee with our clients. At the start of a client relationship we will agree with the client what services they need, what they can do themselves, and what they need us to do. Then we agree on a fixed fee – which is exactly what it says – and that is all we charge to provide the service we agreed.

Free accounting software

Through our partnership with Sage we are able to provide free on-line accounting software, which will meet the challenges of HMRC’s Making Tax Digital program, but also help a small business manage their administration and become more efficient.

We will support clients who wish to use other accounting software, but we do believe that the current Sage range provides the best software available for small businesses.

There are many changes ahead for small businesses – not just tax rules, but also the changes in technology and the way taxpayers deal with HMRC and other organisations, and we have worked very hard to keep ahead of the technology changes and help our clients manage their obligations, so they can concentrate on their actual business.

At the end of the day, we are a small business too. We are not part of a larger “one-size fits all” firm or a firm that sees local clients as something to take for granted.

Being a small business ourselves we do understand the reality of being a small business and we experience many of the same practical issues that our clients face.

Although we would like to grow as a firm, we are being careful that is not at the expense of the service we provide or being able to give that personal touch.

  • Martin has been my accountant since 2009 and I can thoroughly recommend his services to anyone especially small businesses or self employed people. A very thorough and knowledgable person who can help you run your business properly.

    - Matthew Lawrence -
  • I would really like to recommend Martin's accounting services to anyone thinking of starting a business or in fact currently running a new business. Martin's professional and positive guidance has really given me the confidence to progress. I truly look forward to his continued support as I continue to grow my graphic design business here in Shetland.

    - Ross Hotgeckomedia -
  • I cannot recommend Martin's services highly enough - his insight and knowledge into all aspects of running a business are indispensable and having someone trustworthy around to bounce ideas off and get honest opinions and feedback from is immeasurably helpful. As I keep reminding him, if Carlsberg made accountants, he'd be one.

    - Caroline Henderson -
  • Martin has been our accountant now for 6 months and I cannot recommend his services highly enough, Martin's professionalism and knowledge is second to none. I have always found Martin to be very helpful and honest when I have needed advice. Martin's expertise is an asset to any company and he comes greatly recommended.

    - Fiona Lampshire -
  • I have known Martin for many years and appreciate his thoughtfulness when it comes to other people, attention to detail and his knowledge and expertise in his field. Appreciate his sense of humour too :)

    - Heather Lee -